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About Conint

Conint is where you and your friends can easily connect, share and meet – online or offline. Our algorithm makes sure that you meet only those people who you’d like to befriend.

Connect in a special way

Unlike most other social networks out there, we really care about enabling you to create new friendships. On conint, you’ll meet awesome people like you, who most likely would not have gotten to know each other.

Easily connect

Connect to people who matter to you, just by sending them a friendship reqeuest. Everyone can see everyone else’s interest – this way you can quickly figure out if someone matters to you.

Meet New People

This is not a website that connects you to people you already know, but to people you might want to know. People who share the same ideas, interests or a general way of life. They love the same activities, and want to challenge themselves on the same topics.

Your Content

The content you share on Conint will always be yours to control. If you want something deleted, you can deleted, no questions asked. The reason for this is simple: We don’t sell your data, or display adverts that you don’t care about.


The built in chat on Conint allows you to use just about every way of communication that you know from messengers like Whatsapp. You can send texts, smileys, pictures or even your location.


You can share pretty much everything that is sharable online. Starting with sharing a thought, or an image to sharing a movie or inviting to an event. By using the interests feature, you can make sure that your posts reaches just the right people.


On Conint, you might find your soulmate on the other side of the world, but that shouldn’t stop you from communicating with her / him. Using our set of tools, you can write each other messages, or schedule a video chat or an online game session.

Get to know your Friends

Conint wants you to get to know your friends. And we want your friends to get to know you. This is why there are so many cool features like interests, feeds and scheduling that allow you to get closer with your friends.

Posts, that matter

Conint will show you only posts from interests which - well which you are interested in. People posting things that matter. No company posting or advertising allowed here by the way.


This is a free to use plattform, and we want to tell you how we achieve that. No, we do not sell your data. But let’s say you want to clubbing with some friends, and they say yeah, sure, but where? This is where companies can showcase their location (for some bucks).